English translation of the Act CXXV of 2003 on equal treatment and the promotion of equal opportunities is available at the authority's website. The act was translated in the framework of the Ministry of Justice's legislative translation programme with the cooperation of the Equal Treatment Authority.

The legal representative of the minor petitioner complained that the mayor had rejected her application for a permit to enter and therefore had no access to the kindergarten with her child.

The legal representative of the minor petitioner has initiated a proceeding. She complained that the school did not provide her child nor with the benefits declared in the expert opinion nor the constant assistance of a teaching assistant.

A prisoner complained in his petition that he was denied the right to free air as required by law because of his health condition.

The European Accessibility Act has extended the framework for equal access for people with disabilities. The legal document adopted in April defines the requirements for equal access to digital goods and services (computers, smartphones, ATM terminals, e-books, websites, mobile applications, ticket machines).