I'm interested - Equality with children's eye

hangoskönyv borító

The audiobook ‘I do care’ was published in December 2013. It contains the 11 winning short stories of the ‘Young people against discrimination’ youth short story competition. The authors, aged 14-18, formulated their thoughts and experiences about exclusion and acceptance in a literary style. The authority targeted young people, public education and teachers with this publication. The audiobook was published in 300 copies and it was distributed in national and county libraries, in secondary education and it is also available as an MP3 file on the authority’s website.

Responsible publisher: dr. Ágnes Honecz, president
1013 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 39/B

Producer: Garbo Kiadó
Programme coordination: dr. Márta Pánczél
Production coordination: Anna Ágó, Kata Fris E.

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