Based on the Act CL of 2016 on the General Administrative Order Article 88 (1) and (3), the decision of the Equal Treatment Authority shall be notified by

  • the customer is in an unknown location,
  • there is another irrecoverable obstacle to delivery or the attempt to do so has already failed,
  • as required by law or government decree.

The notice shall be placed on the authority's notice board and on its website. The notice shall include, in the case of posting and publication on the website, the date of publication, the name of the authority, the number and subject matter of the case, the name and last known address of the client and the notice that the authority delivery was impeded, so the customer or their representative can take the decision to the authority. Unless otherwise provided by law or regulation, the date of notification of the decision shall be the fifteenth day following the date of publication of the notice.

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