TÁMOP–5.5.5/08/1 - Final publication

Dear Reader,

As the developer of the Equal Treatment Authori­ty’s TÁMOP1 5.5.5 project, I recommend you this fi­nal publication with great pleasure and satisfaction. It is modelling an almost six-year workflow process and it wishes to make it traceable and perceptible for third parties as well.

In the course of the combat against discrimination, shaping societal attitude and strengthening the work of the authority the basic activity of the ETA and the activities of the project have joined inseparably, since the ETA worked on the implementation of project tasks and on exploiting the opportunities that the pro­ject provided for six years out of ten.

In 2008, the new, yet unknown anti-discrimination ad­ministrative body, which had been barely operating for four years and had a small number of employees but had a wide variety of capacities and nationwide sphere, needed strengthening, visibility and recognition; to which the developments and the communicational and educational activities of the project assisted year by year, increasingly.

The establishment of the county equal treatment of­ficer network in 2009 made the possibility of legal remedy in the case of the violation of equal treatment available nationwide and locally as well, which is a re­markable practice, even at a European level.

From 2010 on, the three-day accredited legal and sensitizing trainings made the anti-discrimination concepts and rules more understandable, in work and everyday life usable, and the different forms of discrim­ination more recognizable for nearly 2000 participants.

In 2011 and 2012, as the project progressed, beside the continual trainings there were also sociological re­search, workshops and experience-sharing dis­cussions.

The project’s fifth year was the year of communica­tion, nationwide campaign and publications; and 2014 became the year of sharing the results of com­petitions and the project.

I would like to thank and express my recognitions to the head and the members of the TÁMOP Programme Of­fice that transacted the project.

Special thanks to the ETA lawyers, who made a consid­erable effort in the project’s educational activity next to their everyday regulatory activities; and to all the col­leagues of the authority who contributed to the imple­mentation of the project.

This publication contains all the project events, project data, products and objectifiable elements from 2009- 2014. Their implementation and creation served the realization of the project’s aims.

Dr. Ágnes Honecz