Make it come true!’– design competition

At the authority’s press conference on 20th Decem­ber 2013 we called for the design competition ‘Make it come true!’. Our purpose with this was to strength­en the image of the ETA with the applicants’ works on everyday objects and support the strengthening of a non-discriminatory view with the tools of design, form and visual culture among young people in gen­eral. In order to popularise the competition we broad­casted the ‘Make it come true!’ radio spot in three big national radios between 20th December 2013 and 17th January 2014. The prize-giving ceremony took place on 20th March 2014 in Budapest, in the House of the Hungarian Press (Magyar Sajtóház). The professional judges chose the works of 10 designers among the 49. There was a temporary exhibition from the best design works on the venue of the prize-giving ceremony and we showcased the materials on a travelling exhibition in the summer of 2014 within 6 events.

The winning works were realized, multiplied and the authority popularized itself with them on different events. With the production of the designed objects cost-efficient communication objects were available to the project.

As a part of prevention, on previous events we used to produce and share objects with the logo and the slogan of the institution which popularized the activities and increased the reputation of the authority. The works of the design competition enabled the incorporation of new visual creatives, which were considered con­temporary by contemporaries, in visual, asset-based communication. We used these new design objects as social-purpose advertising space at our events.

Methodologically, the communication tools and chan­nels fitted most effectively the form of events we had chosen for prevention and the targeted age group. The free advertising media (reflector straps, fridge magnets, baseball caps, canvas bags, gym sacks, T-shirts with logo) distributed among the participants of the summer youth festivals and regional festivals addressed hun­dreds and thousands of the members of the events, the age group and the protected groups beyond the owners.