The complainant has been wearing stoma devices for years. He had to leave the pool in the spa, because a guest complained about wearing a stoma device. The Authority found that the bath operator had violated the requirement of equal treatment by refusing to provide the service.

Our annual report has been published. 

The Equal Treatment Authority shared the experiences of the official procedures against educational institutions in the procedure with the staff of the training centers and the pedagogical services. By initiating a joint discussion, the Authority supports future work and good law enforcement. ETA plans to continue the dialogue with representatives of other professional groups, among those who are obliged to maintain equal treatment.

The delegated member of of the Equal Treatment Authority to Equinet Equality Law Working Group took part in a meeting in Brussels on 24 April 2019.

Our clients have complained that security guards have not been allowed to enter to Gozsdu Udvar and did not have access to the services of nightclubs, catering units. Gozsdu Udvar, according to the Mayor's Office, is a privately owned complex of four condominiums. Condominiums do not belong to Act CXXV 2003 on Equal Treatment and Promotion of Equal Opportunities. Thus Gozsdu Udvar is not subject to any official procedure. If the complainants feel that they are unable to use the service provided in the area of ​​Gozsdu Udvar (e.g.