Staff member of the Equal Treatment Authority gave a lecture to 9-11 year old children and their teachers at a Primary School in Fejér County under the "Profession Week" program. The presentation touched on the concept of discrimination, the requirement of equal treatment, the range of protected features, the ways in which complaints are filed and the penalties to be applied. The rapporteur has presented specific areas of discrimination, in particular with regard to the use of services, education and accessibility.

We prepared a selection from our related cases to World Autism Day.

An NGO made a compliment because it was not allowed to rent one of the premises of the local government. According to the petitioner, the service was declined based on its assumed connection with a well-known American philanthropist.

The European Parliament elections will be held between 23th and 24th of May. Equinet published its recommendations regarding the elections, for political parties and media outlets.


The 5th issue of the EBH Booklets series has been published and available online on our website. The series focuses on the prevention and recognition of discrimination.