Report on the activity of the Equal Treatment Authority in 2017

Welcome to all our readers who read the Equal Treatment Authority’s annual report for the first time, and welcome back to all those interested parties and experts who have been following our activities for a while now!
Our first report was published in the year 2005, and this year we drafted our 13th annual report for the general public, for those with an interest in the subject matter, and of course for the Hungarian parliament, the National Assembly, in the hope that they will find the information about the activities of the Equal Treatment Authority and the review of its major cases from last year an interesting reading.
In addition to our experiences gathered in the course of applying the law in the context of individual complaints and public interest petitions, the past year also gave us an opportunity to attain a more comprehensive picture of the general state of discrimination in Hungary today, as part of the third wave of our study series on legal awareness.
Based on the current results of the research series – the first wave of which was conducted in 2010 –, the share of respondents who reported a personal experience with discrimination is still around 38% in the segment of the public aged 18 or older. Even though the overall ratio has not changed over time, the responses revealed a dynamic growth in personal experiences with discrimination on the basis of age and health condition.
In terms of the causes of discrimination, a new trend we found is that perceptions of discrimination on the grounds of social inequality, financial situation and social background have become more prevalent than perceptions of discrimination based on ethnicity (skin colour, affiliation with an ethnic/national minority).
The Authority rendered 285 administrative decisions last year, and these included 30 decisions in which we found a violation of the law and 112 decisions in which the petition was rejected. In 27 cases we approved a settlement between the parties.
The present publication provides an overview of our wide-ranging activities aimed at disseminating knowledge about our work and informing the public, as well as our professional and international activities concerning the promotion of rights enforcement, which is why I sincerely recommend this report to our readers.

3 July 2018

Dr Ágnes Honecz