Protected characteristics
Other status, attribute or characteristic
Field of discrimination
Type of discrimination
Direct discriminatory
Partly condemning decision

In April 2019 the parent of the minor applicant lodged a complaint against a primary school to the Equal Treatment Authority. She wrote down, that his child had a special educational status due to his attention-deficit, but he could be integrated in mainstream education. She complained, that the primary school, which had been assigned to him by the competent expert committee, had taken him out of the class for months, and a pedagogical assistant had educated him.

The Authority launched a proceeding against the primary school, and held a hearing in the case. The school admitted, that the minor applicant had been taken out of the class for a longer period.

The Authority found that the request was justified. The minor applicant should have been educated integratedly due to the compulsory expert opinion. The Authority also found, that the pedagogical assistant, who had educated the minor applicant, had not had the relevant qualification.

On the basis of the above, the Authority found that the subject of the proceeding had violated the requirement of equal treatment and had directly discriminated against the minor applicant due to his other status. The Authority prohibited the unlawful conduct for the future, ordered the publication of its final and binding decision and also imposed a fine of 100.000 forints.