Protected characteristics
Religious or ideological conviction
Field of discrimination

The applicant wished to take the advanced C1 English language exam at the examination center subject to the procedure. However, because of her religious belief, on the Saturdays offered by the examination center, language exam was a prohibited activity.

In September 2019, the applicant received information from the examination center that in Hungary it is only possible to take a language examination on Saturdays.

The examination center offered the applicant the opportunity to take the exam on a non-Saturday day at the company's office in Vienna (Austria). However, this location was disadvantageous to the applicant for several reasons.

In her complaint to the Equal Treatment Authority in February 2020, the applicant complained that she was being discriminated against because of her religious belief.

The authority held a hearing on the matter. At the hearing, the parties reached an agreement.

The language examination center subject to the procedure undertook to provide the applicant, once free of charge, with the opportunity to take advanced C1 English oral and written language exam outside Saturday, at a place agreed by the parties.

The authority approved the agreement by decision. The applicant informed the authority that she had passed the online language exam on a Friday in June 2020.